WMC I-1 World Muay Thai Grand SLAM 2010 - WMC "4-Man" Tournament.

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World Muay Thai Grand SLAM 2010.

22 November 2010

Int. Trade & Exhibition Center, Hong Kong, China.
WMC I-1 World Muaythai Grand SLAM 2010 will be held in Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre (Star Hall) on 22 November 2010.

The Main Event is the World Title Super-4 of 72kg category.
The 4 champions from 4 different countries competing for the world title are:

Vladimir Moravcik (Slovakia), a.k.a. "Dracula", the World Champion of the first I-1 Grand SLAM.
Cyrus Washington (USA), a.k.a. "The Great", WPMF International Champion and current Myanmar Bare-hand Fight Champion.
Thiago Teixeira (Brazil), a.k.a. "Parapapa", Z-1 Super-4 World Champion.
Andreas Rogner (Germany), a.k.a. "Suakaw", current Champion of Southern Thailand.

Tickets are available at HK Ticketing's box offices and All Tom Lee Music Outlets
Ticket Purchase Hotline:31 288 288
Tickets Enquires No: 92122584
Internet Booking : http://www.hkticketing.com/eng/
WMC World "4-Man" Tournament Title
(FMR - 72 Kg)
Vladimir Miravcik
VS  Thiago Teixeira
Cyrus Washington VS  Andreas Rogner
Super- Fights
Bryan To
VS  Philippe Landreville
Antoine Pinto VS  Ratchakolm Chalermchon
Maros Pacan VS  Yodkurman MTP 2004
Valdet Gashi VS  Saenchai Swish
Umut Demirors VS  Vladmir Konsky
Neon Lai VS  Chan Chun Yin
Cheng Man Yiu VS  Lee Yiu Lun
WMC I-1 World Muay Thai Grand SLAM 2010

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