THAI BOXE MANIA 2011 - Pre-Fight Interview with Giorgio Petrosyan.

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January 29, 2011

Palezzo Dello Sporto, Torino, Italy.
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Pre-Fight Interview with Giorgio Petrosyan

A week before the big event, Claudia Zangarini interviewed Giorgio Petrosyan.

Saturday Janurary 22 2011

 D) This is the third time that you participate Mania Boxing Thai, and this year for the second time are survivor from the victory of the K1 Max, feel you ready despite the accident to the hand?

R) Physically I feel myself ready, certainty, there is the problem to the hand, but we are resolving it, I take fit but I do not give to this importance, therefore I feel me ready to take again part to Mania Boxing Thai

D) last YEAR is not very enthusiastic of the yours opposing Mohamed Diaby, this year what you think of your challenger, the Thai champion Sudsakorn that the revelation of the past edition was with its to do "color" and its victory against Kulebin?

R) Of what does or of how it I am behaved my opponent does not interest me, is a strong and binding opponent, I do not underestimate it, but I am strong also I, does not worry me for what did, we will see on the ring what we will do….

D) you Have some declaration for your opponent?

R) No, me not piacciono this type of things, do not pleases to release me declarations, I do not feel of it the necessity, does not do part of me.

D) we Pass to some curiosity that surely interests all your fan, how it is composed training of type your day?

R) I train Myself 5 days to week, to the morning I do physical development, the afternoon from 16.30 I do technical with my coach and often I train me with my brother.

D) we Return at the K1 Max, you are now the uncontested star of this discipline, last year defined this like indescribable experience, a lot from not to have given weight to your hand compromised, is changed something this time? You waited for yourself this second victory?

R) After the victory with Kraus my hand so was compromised that turned shouting that I have not had more been able to fight, then thanks to my staff and to my brother am however ascended on the ring and won, and confess you that was even more indescribable and exciting some past year, is difficult emotions to express words.

D) Your brother Armen is another champion, and also like other January 29 times you will fight during the same evening. How managed the tension of sapervi both participating of so important match?

R) For we is still better, we train ourselves together and we give ourselves grim expression and courage, is even more stimulating to know us together, does not create us problems, or rather...

D) usual Question: the Shovel Ruffini will be crowded of your fan, thing you want to say them and thing want to say to Turin that now waits the your arrival and accommodates you for three years?

R) All what can say to my fan and to Turin is of not to stop following myself because do not have intention of to disappoint them…


Claudia Zangarini to Thai Boxing Mania

Thai boxe Mania 2011

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