SUPER SHOWDOWN 11 - Results -Explosive fight between Harrison and Petchasawin!

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February 19, 2011
The PlayDrome, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

  Awesom fight between the two champion ! Harrison has been cuted in first round but he respond to Petchasawin and cut him too !
on the last round Petchasawin be very strong and win the bout on points.
Gongratulation for the two man who gave a fight with big emotion !

 Michael Dicks vs Samingprai

Damien Trainor vs Phetnamchai Adrian Wedolowski vs Middleton
Liam Harrison (GB) VS
Petchasawin (Tha)
Petchasawin def. Harrison on points.
Damien Trainor (GB) VS
Phetnamchai (Tha)
Petnamchai def. Trainor on points.
Michael Dicks (GB) VS
Samingprai (Tha)
Samingprai def. Dicks on points.
Jeffery Batista (GB) VS
Darren O'Connor (GB)
O' Connor def. Batista via Referee Stoppage Rd3.
Michael Roach (GB) VS
Rob Horrocks (GB)
Horrocks def Roach via Referee Stoppage Rd1.
Ally Smith (Sco) VS
Mark Casserly (Sco)
Casserly def. Smith on points.
Keith McLachlan (Sco) VS
John Dennis (GB)
Dennis def. McLachlan via Injury (broken shin or ankle) in RD1.

Timucin Yildirim (Tur)

Paul Norton (Sco)
Norton def. Yildirim on points.
UKMF Scottish Title
Adrian Wedolowski (Pol) VS
Keith Middleton (Sco)
Wedolowski def. Middletown via Referee Stoppage.
Adrian Wedolowski became the new UKMF Scottish Champion (71.5Kg)
UKMF British Title
Davy Macintosh (Sco)  VS
Stevie Brown (Sco)
Brown def. Macintosh on points
Stevie Brown became the new UKMF Scottish Champion (57Kg)



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