Steeve Valente new WKN K1 World Champion - Yuksel Ayaydin winner of the HW Tournament.

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Valente VS Varol
January 22, 2011
Strasbourg, France.
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Steeve Valente new WKN K1 World Champion (69.9Kg)

Steeve Valente won his fight against Erkan varol via decision after win all of the 5 rounds and become the  

New WKN K-1 World Champion in 69.9 Kg MAX !

Yuksel Ayaydin
(Team NAS-R.K)

Won the HW Tournament afters beating Fred Heini and Daniel Lenti.

The long awaited battle between Yuksel and Mass does not have final took place following the defeat of Mass against Lentia via decision, a decision hotly contested.


Video of The Fight Valente Vs Varol:
WKN World Title Fight
(Kick Boxing Oriental Rules - 5x3 - 69.9Kg)
Steeve Valente  VS  Erkan Varol
Valente def. Varol via decision.
Steeve Valente become the new WKN K1 World Champion (69.9Kg).
(K-1 Rules - 5x3)
Yannick Foeller VS
Kamel Metzani
Metzani def. Foeller via KO Rd3. 
Abdallah Ezbiri VS
Tekin Ergun
Ezbiri def. Ergun via Decision.
"4-Man" Super Heavyweight Tournament
(K-1 Rules - 3x3 - +90Kg)
Mass Hamaili VS Daniel Lenti
Lenti def Hamaili via Decision.
decision that remains highly contested
Yuksel Ayaydin VS Fred Heini
Ayaydin def Heini via Decision.
"4-Man" Super Heavyweight Tournament - FINAL
Daniel Lenti VS Yuksel Ayaydin
Ayaydin def Lenti via Decision.
Yuksel Ayaydin won the tournament.

wkn valente res


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