Sportaccord Combat Games 2010 - Wrestling Fighters

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Combat Games

28 - 4 September 2010
Beijing , Pekin , China .
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No. Discipline and
/or category
Family Name Given Name Nationality Gender
1 Wrestling Lopez Ortega Dacil ESP Female
2 Wrestling Stadnik Yana GBR Female
3 Wrestling Grabowska Paulina POL Female
4 Belt Wrestling Salawu Kamaru GHA Male
5 Belt Wrestling Da Silva Rafael BRA Male
6 Belt Wrestling Labalaukis Marius LTU Male
7 Belt Wrestling Resko Viktors LAT Male
8 Belt Wrestling Sorokotiaga Kyrylo UKR Male
9 Belt Wrestling Sikorski Andrei BLR Male
10 Belt Wrestling Makeshov Kubanychbek KGZ Male
11 Belt Wrestling Zaripov Shavkat TJK Male
12 Grappling Polo Valentin Carlos ESP Male
13 Grappling Rodenas Garcia Jose Francisco ESP Male
14 Grappling Banyai Evelin HUN Female
15 Grappling Mathe Andras HUN Male
16 Grappling Rokovic Srdjan SRB Male
17 Grappling Penzer Nicolas GER Male
18 Grappling Janssen Malte GER Male
19 Grappling Rychin Andrey RUS Male
20 Grappling Savov Svetlozar BUL Male
21 Grappling Kamenov Aleksandar BUL Male
22 Grappling Strydom Monique-Ann RSA Female
23 Grappling Bird Sheila CAN Female
24 Grappling Kuno Takanori JPN Male
25 Grappling Nilsson Mats SWE Male
26 Grappling Hedenbergh Martin SWE Male
27 Grappling Polok Maciej POL Male
28 Grappling Lukaszewicz Krzysztof POL Male
29 Grappling Preiss Irena POL Female
30 Grappling Tyszka Zbigniew POL Male
31 Grappling Le Cuyer JR Thomas USA Male
32 Grappling La Rosa Tara USA Female
33 Grappling Biloshapka Dmytro UKR Male
34 Grappling Zagorulko Valentyn UKR Male
35 Grappling Shtembuliak Iurii UKR Male
36 Grappling Syniavina Viktoriia UKR Female
37 Grappling Klammsteiner Julia ITA Female
38 Grappling Raffi Lamberto ITA Male
39 Grappling Ruotolo Ciro ITA Male
40 Grappling Serrini Bernardo ITA Male
41 Grappling Fouillat-Cousin Laurence FRA Female
42 Grappling Husson Matthieu FRA Male
43 Grappling Pierre-Louis David FRA Male
44 Pankration Hollosi Csaba HUN Male
45 Pankration Vazquez Efrain USA Male
46 Pankration Friedland John USA Male
47 Pankration Zhetpisbayev Zhumageldy KAZ Male
48 Pankration Karabalayev Nurbek KAZ Male
49 Pankration Bergali Bauyrzhan KAZ Male
50 Pankration Shirai Masayoshi JPN Male
51 Pankration Yamada Sotaro JPN Male
52 Pankration Lousa Sergio POR Male
53 Pankration Magomedov Mayindur RUS Male
54 Pankration Mirzaev Rasul RUS Male
55 Pankration Koreshkov Andrey RUS Male
56 Pankration Aliantsevich Yauheni BLR Male
57 Pankration Guziev Sergii UKR Male
58 Pankration Novikov Vasyl UKR Male
59 Pankration Vysotskyi Oleksandr UKR Male
60 Pankration Safinejadot-
Seyedhamid IRI Male
61 Pankration Czechowski Rafal POL Male
62 Pankration Srebnicki Lukasz POL Male
63 Pankration Meseguer Laurent FRA Male
64 Pankration Milosevic Dimitri FRA Male
65 Pankration Perlangeli Fabio ITA Male
66 Pankration Rousochatzakis Menelaos GRE Male


Sportaccord Combat Games wrestling Fighters
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