Port of Rotterdam - Gokhan Saki vs Sergei Lascenko - "8MAN" Tournament with Silva, Roche and more.

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June 18, 2011

TopSportCentrum, Rotterdam, Holland.


This marks Lascenko’s first high profile opponent since losing to Freddy Kemayo at last year’s K-1 Europe GP.  One of the potential break-out K-1 Heavyweights of 2009, Lascenko has seen his career stall out somewhat over the past year.  Since the Kemayo loss, he’s gone 1-2, and is coming off a win over Vasile Popovici.  One interesting aspect to this fight is that Lascenko has recently been in the news a bit as he has made the transition to Mike’s Gym, where he has been working as the sparring partner to Badr Hari.  Hari vs. Saki is a fight that has come up more than once recently, and is one I wouldn’t be surprised to see sooner than later.  Seeing his training partner face off against Saki will certainly be informative for Hari and the team at Mike’s Gym.

Main Fight

Gokhan Saki vs Sergei Lascenko

"8MAN" Tournament
(K-1 Rules - 3x3 - HW)

Anderson “Braddock” Silva
Wendell Roche
Utley Mariana
 Dennis Stolzenbach
Tommy van Wijngaarden
Philip van der Linde
Nicolai Vallin

MMA Super-Fights:

Djamil Chan vs Thomas Wichmann
Tugrul Okay vs Eric Paulo

Saki vs Lascenko

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