OKTAGON 2011 - Petrosyan win over Cosmo ! Askerov, Sudsakorn, Franchi qualified !

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March 12, 2011

Pala Sharp, Milano, Italy.


Good event from fightcode with sevrals good fights.

Giorgio Petrosyan win over Alexandre Cosmo on points, Petrosyan was more  technical and efficient than Cosmo who had some problems with the FIGHTCODE rules.

Andrei Kulebin win over Campoli in rd4 via Doctor Stoppage (
Has caused a cut to the head). Andrei was technically superior, but Angelo has been very combative. pity for him. Good work for Andrei which remains strong in muay thai rules

The fight between Yoshihiro Sato and Armen Petrosyan was very tight during the three rounds, Armen has held firm against K-1 MAX champions Sato and win on points.

For the second part of the 1/8 of the FIGHTCODE Tournament,
Dzhabar Azkerov win his bout with a KO in the first round.
Sudsakorn Klinmee and Bruno Franchi win on points.
They are qualified for quarter finals with Abdallah Mabel and Armen Petrosyan.(Mabel and Petrosyan have earned during thefirstrounds)

Main Fight
Giorgio Petrosyan (ITA)  VS
Alexandre Cosmo (BRA)
Petrosyan def. Cosmo on points.
Main Card
Angelo Campoli (ITA) VS
Andrei Kulebin (BY)
Kulebin def. Campoli via Doctor Stoppage in Rd4.
Yoshihiro Sato (JAP) VS
Armen Petrosyan (ITA)
A. Petrosyan def. Sato via points
Fight Code 1/8 Final (Step 2)
(FIGHTCode Rules - 3x3 - 72.5 Kg MAX)
Dzhabar Askerov (RUS) VS  Chris Van Venrooij (NL)
Askerov def Van Venrooij via KO (Punches Strike) in Rd1.
Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee (THA) VS  Xu Yan (CHN)
Sudsakorn def. Yan on points
Bruno Franchi (ITA) VS  Takuro Moriya (BRA)
Franchi def. Moriya on points

OKATGON 2011 - Results


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