Night of Champions - ISKA European Title FTR Liam Robinson V Thomas McCormick.

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Night of Champions
October 30, 2011

Gatecrasher, Birmingham, United Kingdom .
Confirmed main event bouts include:

International Prestige Bout FTR
...Dean James (Pra Choa Suua) V Christian Lusabio (Italy)

ISKA European Title FTR
Liam Robinson (Pra Choa Suua) V Thomas McCormick (Wicker Camp)

A Class Bout
Christian Di Paulo (Doncaster) V Joe Coville (Shin Kick)

A Class Bout
Johng Aan Sor Chang Kow (Doncaster) V Ross George (Kaang Raang)

A Class Bout
Mark Beale (Coventry) V Richy Green (Liam's Gym)

ISKA English Title Fight
Ed Lyons (Evolution) V James Ogden (Wicker Camp)

ISKA British Title Fight FTR
Nathan Bendon (Corefit) V Kevin Kevolik (Wu Tang)

K1 Super Heavyweight Bout
Jason Dutton (Impact) V Chris Cooper (Elements)

B Class Bout
Darren Bright (Kaang Raang) V Richmond Annan (KO Gym)
Mik Bains (MeeGee Gym) V TBC
An onsite after party has also been confirmed at Gatecrasher Birmingham so no need for any fighters, trainers or spectators to move on after the event!

Tickets are now available for this one and several VIP booths have already been sold for this event 15 weeks in advance!

VIP Booths £400 Seats 10 people (Plus waitress service)
VIP Seats £40 each
Standard £30 each
Get your tickets now by calling 0121 785 0900.


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