M-1 Grand Muay-thai Championship - Saenchai Talk about his incoming fight with Ross.

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Grand Muay-thai Championship
August 14, 2011

Commerce Casino, Los Angeles, USA.


Muay Thai Authority was able to catch up with Saenchai as he arrived in Los Angeles, CA for his upcoming fight with Kevin Ross thanks to the help of David Huerta and Robin Hart. Saenchai answered a few questions regarding his upcoming fight with Ross as well as his future plans and how he stays motivated after having already accomplished so much in Muay Thai. Saenchai vs. Ross takes place on Sunday August 14th at Stand Up Promtoions "M1 Grand Muay Thai Championship".

MTA: Last year you expressed interest in fighting Kevin Ross and the fight is now happening on August 14th. What is the reason you would like to fight Kevin Ross?

Saenchai: In my mind Kevin has really improved his Muay Thai technique. I want to fight him because he is the best fighter in America.

MTA: How familiar are you with Kevin's style of fighting, is there anything that you feel he does that could present any problems for you in the fight?

Saenchai: I am not afraid of Kevin Ross, but I am not underestimating Kevin Ross.

MTA: You are considered the best Muay Thai fighter in the world by many. How do you stay motivated when fighting when you have already achieved so much?

Saenchai: I look at my experience and find my weakness. I then work toward making my weakness stronger and that is what keeps me motivated. I want to strive to be more and more. Don’t think about what you have already think about improving.

MTA: It was announced that you would be fighting Kevin Ross for the WBC Muay Thai Diamond Belt. What are your thoughts on this?

Saenchai: It is exciting and I am very confident.

MTA: Does your training change at all depending on your opponent? Example if you are fighting a Thai do you train harder than if you are fighting an American?

It is the same for everyone.

MTA: Your last fight in the U.S. you defeated Tetsuya Yamato by knockout due to a head kick. What can they expect in the fight with Kevin?

Saenchai: I am going to be looking for my opportunity and will take whatever is open for me to take.

MTA: As far as your fighting career goes what are your future goals, and is there anyone in particular you would like to fight?

Saenchai: I want to keep fighting for now and once I retire I want to have my own camp in Thailand. I will fight anyone who is not over 65 kg (143 lbs) doesn't matter who.

*Photo by Marty Rockatansky

Source: Muay Thai Authority.com


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