M-1 Grand Muay-thai Championship - Rungravee Sasiprapa talks about his upcoming fight with Kunitaka Fujiwara.

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Grand Muay-thai Championship
August 14, 2011

Commerce Casino, Los Angeles, USA.


Rungravee Sasiprapa will be making his American debut on August 14th at Stand Up Promotions "M1 Grand Muay Thai Championship" when he takes on Kunitaka Fujiwara. Muay Thai Authority was able to catch up with Rungravee thanks to the help of David Huerta and Robin Hart as he answered a few questions regarding his upcoming fight.

MTA: You are set to fight Kunitaka Fujiwara on August 14th at Stand Up Promotions "M1 Grand Muay Thai Championship". How much do you know about Kunitaka Fujiwara and his skill?

Rungravee: Nothing, it doesn't matter to me. I don't want to know his style, I just want him to come to the ring and fight.

MTA: In America it is very common for fighters to do research and try and watch video of their opponents. Is this common in Thailand or does this not occur at all?

Rungravee: No, I just fight.

MTA: Can you give us a prediction for your fight with Kunitaka Fujiwara?

Rungravee: I train hard and I am ready.

MTA: What does your training consist of when preparing for a fight?

Rungravee: Kicking pads, clinching and sparring, the basics.

MTA: What can American fans who are not familiar with you expect to see when you step into the ring on August 14th?

Rungravee: I am a an aggressive Muay Thai fighter.

MTA: How do you feel fighting for your first world title?

Rungravee: This is the first time I am fighting for a world title and I am very happy to be fighting for the MTAA world title.

MTA: Is there anyone in particular you would like to fight after Fujiwara?

Rungravee: Whoever the promoter wants to set me up with I am ready to fight.

MTA: How do you feel about Muay Thai scene in America and the fighters.

Rungravee: I have no idea, I have recently began to use a computer. 


Source: Muay Thai Authority.com


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