KnocKOut - OKTAGON K-1 - Askerov vs Lecca - Pique vs Franchi - Results.

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January 22, 2011
Teatro Tendastrice, Roma, Italy.



Dzhabar Askerov, one of the best fighter in K-1 Max  has won his battle against lecca by KO in the first round after having already knocked out lecca a first time.

The fight between Marco Piqué and Bruno Franchi is calm during the three rounds, no big emotion to one side or the other. While the judges added an extra round to decide between the two fighters.
Marco Piqué Speeds up early and puts KO Franchi. Franchi recover.
Marco no longer has that to manage the rest of the round, which he did.
Piqué win by décision.

International Super-Fight
(K-1 Rules)
Dzhabar Askerov VS  Riccardo Lecca
Askerov def. Lecca via KO Rd1.
Marco Pique VS  Bruno Franchi
Pique def. Franchi via Decision (Ext.R).
Giancarlo Motterle VS  Kevin Bromet
Motterle def. Bromet via Unanimous decision.
Didi Druica VS  Ismael Miskin
Druica def. Miskin via KO Rd1.
Arianna Salatino VS  Denise Kielholtz
Kielhotz def. Salatino via Unanimoius decision.
Giampaolo Motterle VS  Julian Main
Motterle def. Main via Unanimous decision.
OKTAGON - National Selection
Alessandro Campagna VS  Guglielmo Carata
Campagna def. Carata via Unanimous decision.
Paolo Angelini VS  Ivan Moscatelli
Angelini def. Moscatelli via Unanimous decision.
Vanni Fae VS  Mattia Fontebasso
Fae def. Fontebasso via Unanimous decision.
International Prestige Fight
(Full-Contact Rules)
Alessandro Patrignani VS  Pierluigi Giaccari
Patrignani def. Giaccari via Unanimous decision.

KnocKOut - Results


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