KINGS of KOMBAT 4 - Paul Slowinski Takes the ISKA Heavyweight title - Full Results.

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20-08-11 slowinski


 August 20, 2011
Springers Leisure Center, Keysborough, Australia.


Paul- Slowinski
Main Fight


Paul "The Sting" Slowinski

win over

 Peter "The Chief" Graham

by KO in round 3

and become the new

ISKA World Heavyweight
Champion !



Full Results:

F1 - K-1
Daniel Soeurream (XFC) vs Ian Boquiron (Everlasting Geelong)
Daniel UPD

F2 - K-1
Amanaki Havili (Ultimate Airport West) vs Steven Carter (Ngapui Toowoomba QLD)
Amanaki KO win 1R

F3 - K-1
Andrew Young (Martial Mix) vs Frank Spiropoulos (Contender NSW)
UPD Frank

F4 - MMA
Shane Andrews (XFC) vs Michael Faalua (KMA NSW)
Shane win 2R Rear naked choke

F5 - MMA
Daniel Smyrk (Martial Mix) vs Ben Aldridge (Manly Fight Gym)
Ben win 2R triangle choke

F6 - ISKA Vic Title
Ray Dimachki (XFC) vs Piki Teringa (Contender NSW)
Ray win KO 1R

F7 - FTR
Daniel Way (Numurkah) vs Gary Williams (Axis SA)
Gary UPD

F8 - ISKA Eastcoast Title
Haysem Abdallah (XFC) vs Rossal Mohseim (JD Fight Centre)
UPD Haysem

F9 - MMA
James McSweeney (UK) vs Sam Browne (Strikeforce NZ)
James win 1R arm bar

F10 - K-1
Carter Williams (USA) vs Michael Siebert (Performance NT)
Mick UPD

F11 - ISKA World Title
Peter Graham (Boxing Works NSW) vs Paul Slowinski (Flinders Uni MT)
Paul wins KO 3R


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