KING's CUP 2010 - 83rd KING's Birthday Aniversary - Yodsankai Fairtex.

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- 83rd KING's Birthday Aniversary -

December 05, 2010

AT Sanamluang, Bangkok, Thailand.
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To Celebrate his Majesty the King's 83rd birthday aniversary.
 8 "Man" tournament from 8 differents country.

THAILAND - Yodsankai Fairtex
HOLLAND - Marco Pique
ENGLAND - Jordan Watson
BRAZIL - Cosmo Alexandre
SOUTH AFRICA - Vuysile Colossa
CANADA - Jesse Miles
SWEDEN - Marcus Olberg
RUSSIA - Dzhabar Askerov

Super Fights
Yodsankai Fairtex
VS  Marco Pique
Jordan Watson Dzhabar Askerov
Cosmo Alexandre Marcus Olberg
Jesse Miles
Vysile Colossa
KING's CUP 2010 - 83rd King's Aniversary.

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