K-1 World MAX 2011 - Results of the draw with Albert Kraus first K-1 MAX Japan participation.

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K-1 70

K-1 World MAX 2011
-70Kg Japan Tournament Final


August 25, 2011


Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, Osaka, Japan.


K-1 Event Producer Mr. Sadaharu "Tany" Tanikawa announced the participants live via ustream tonight for users around the world to watch, and the announcements have been surprising.

In keeping with the semi-tradition that has seen fighters the likes of Serkan Yilmaz, Nicholas Pettas, Montanha Silva, Bob Sapp, Andy Ologun, Mike Bernardo, Ewerton Teixeira and Bernard Ackah fighting in Japan Tournaments, this years' includes a huge surprise. A foreigner has again been included, and one that was crowned the first ever World MAX Champion!

The first fight of the tournament will be between veteran MAX-fighter Albert Kraus and Yuji Nashiro. Since losing to the eventual champion of the 2010 Japan Tournament Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima, Yuji has gone on to fight in Krush 5 times, winning 3 of those. One of those two losses was a bloody war with Japanese MAX ace Yoshihiro Sato where he never gave an inch up, despite his huge height disadvantage.




70kg Japan Tournament FINAL Quarterfinal(1)
K-1 Rules / 3Min. 3R Ext.1R

Albert Kraus
Albert KrausYuji Nashiro
Holland / Team Super Pro 
Yuji Nashiro
Japan / Kokushi Kaikan

70kg Japan Tournament FINAL Quarterfinal(2)
K-1 Rules / 3Min. 3R Ext.1R

Hiroki Nakajima
Hiroki NakajimaTakafumi Morita
Japan / Bungeling Bay
Takafumi Morita
Japan / Reeg Higashinakano

70kg Japan Tournament FINAL Quarterfinal(3)
K-1 Rules / 3Min. 3R Ext.1R

Shintaro Matsukura
Yuya Yamamoto
Yuya Yamamoto
Japan / Booch Beat 
Shintaro Matsukura
Japan / Bungeling Bay

70kg Japan Tournament FINAL Quarterfinal(4)
K-1 Rules / 3Min. 3R Ext.1R

Yasuhiro Kido
Yasuhiro Kido
Japan / Taniyama Gym 
Japan / E.S.G

Reserve Fight:

Go Yokoyama vs Yoshi
Kizaemon Saiga vs Valdrin Vatnikaj
Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima vs Kenmun


While busy training, Albert Kraus wanted a message passed on to the fans regarding his inclusion in the MAX Japan Tournament. "This is the first time I will fight in the MAX Japan Tournament. As Mr. Tanikawa asked me to enter the tournament, off course I said yes.
It's the first time ever that a World Max Champion has entered the Japanese tournament, so there is a lot of pressure on me. I will put even more pressure on myself to beat the other guys and give my fans a good and exciting night of fights.
I am half Japanese anyway, as I have spent almost my entire professional career in Japan. I love this country and my fans, and I will give my spirit to fight for Japan.
So to all my Japanese fans, be ready! I am preparing very well and want to make a really exciting night on September 25.
See you in Japan."

This event will take place Sunday, 25 September 2011 in the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium. Gates are set to open from 16:00 and the event will begin at 17:00. If you are going to be in town, snap up your tickets quickly!

Keep checking back here for even more updates and announcements! 

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