Interview - Liam " The Hitman " Harrison on THAI FIGHT STEP 1.

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Interview Liam " The Hitman " Harrison.


Olivier Angelini - Hi Liam , how are you after this first round of THAI FIGHT?

Liam Harrison -
I'm fine thanks.

 i didn't really get any injuries in the fight, except picking up an infection in my foot from a small cut..thats all cleared up now so im ready to start training again now.

- How 's get this stays in Bangkok?

it was great just like all my trips to bkk..i stayed at jittigym as always they are like family to me there.


- When did you arrive there?

i arrived on July 15th and trained hard up to my fight on 29th august.

- where had you do your training in thailand?

Jittigym in Bangkok

- How did you find the THAI FIGHT organization's has your needs (home hotel, meals, transportation) ?

They were very good....they payed for my flight, accomodation and was very well run

- Tell us about your fight against Behzan Rafighdoust.

I have seen Behzan fight before and knew he had a big punch, also he like all the people in the tournament is naturally bigger than me so i had to be weary of his power, i started chopping his legs with low kicks..theres only so many low kicks anyone can take then the fight is over, i won TKO from low kicks in the 2nd round.

- You shall go quickly in this fight, is what has caused a big motivation, has a good training?

yes i trained very hard for this fight and was very fit and strong.

- Are you satisfied by your fight?

yes i was very happy...a win and no injuries is always good.

- Have you celebrate your victory with other fighters afters the tournament?

No i celebrated with all my friends from jittigym.

Your next fight for the Thai fight is Oct. 25 against the japanese fighter Soishiro .

- Are you satisfied with this drawing lots?

yes i'm happy with this draw

- Do You know Soishiro ?
i only know what i saw of him in the 1st round of THAI FIGHT. Again he is alot bigger than me, but i saw weakness i will be able to exploit and take myself through to the final 4 in december.

- Except THAI FIGHT , what are your goal for this season 2010-2011 ?
well first i want to go all the way and win the Thai fight competion, after that early next year i have some very big fights planned, against some top this space

- Can tell us more on it , the fighter's name ?

i cant say the promoters wont be happy..they told me not to say anything yet sorry.
i can say in Febuary i will fight with Samingprai Kiatphontip...but i cant say the others.

- What is your next fight, where and when?

Next fight is in the THAI FIGHT tournament on 25th october.

- Do you want to thank people?

yes i would like to thank everyone at bad company gym and jittigym who has helped me with my fighting career. and to all my fans in the UK who have also shown support.

Thank you very much liam for accepte to do this interview. good luck for the next .

Liam Harrison stats.

October 05, 1985

Bad company Gym (UK) / Jitti Gym (Thailand).

Fights records:

72 Fights 

62 wins ; 8 loss ; 2 draw(36KO).

Titles Helds:
2 x WPMF world champion.
WMC lightweight world champion.
WAKO lightweight World champion.
SIMTA European Champion.


Fights Weight:
135 Lbs - 147 Lbs


Interview Liam "The Hitman" Harrison

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