Evolution 21 Resultats Bruce "The Preacher" Macfie New#1 in Australia.

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11 September 2010
The Sleeman Center, Brisbane, Australia .
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Bruce "The Preacher" Macfie
New #1 in Australia

It is no wonder the EVO series is arguably Australia’s Premier Muay Thai event. A packed house at the Sleeman Sports Complex turned out in huge numbers for an electrifying night of fight action. The whole night was entertainment A1 with a plus. The professional Mr Perry Cale from Fox Sports... hyped the crowd into frenzy as each fighter was introduced with flames, lights and sound that pleased the senses. The fights were awesome!!! Some of the best fighters in Australia battled it out, giving everything to win....cannot wait for Evolution 22, set for the Gold Coast Convention Centre.... headlining with Nathan “Carnage” Corbett and all your favourite EVO Fighters!!! Thank you Evolution !!

Main Event

Fight 8: 72.5Kg 5 X 3min FTR

Bruce “The Preacher” Macfie (Corporate Box) def John Wayne Parr (Boonchu) by SPD

This was the anticipated 3rd fight in the trilogy and what all the fans came out to see. The whole fight did not really seem to get out of 3rd gear. Both guys defended well but neither really taking the fight to the other. Jwp used the front kick well and really worked a left kick to the body whilst Preacher worked leg kicks and has some good straight punches but neither fighter looked to be in full control. Notably this was best Preacher had performed against JWP who was not  dominant as in previous clashes. The crowd seemed to be on edge and by the 4th... as the Australian public are renowned for... started to cheer and chant for the underdog, Preacher, Preacher, Preacher echoed throughout the stadium and it seemed to energize Bruce. Jwp just did not seem to have his explosive attacks on the night that the crowd usally expects from him but seemed to be controled and always scoring. The last round was the same and it was only in the dying seconds did we see both fighters explosive exchanges or rapid flurries at each other. The fight was over and left up to the judges...and crowd divided....Preacher was ecstatic at the winand Wayne stood in disbelief believing he did enough for the win. The crowd seemed to go with the Bruce as the underdog but not has a convincing winner but none the less the winner and he must be congratulated as the new Evolution Champion and triumphant in his third attempt at JWP and now the # 1 in Australia.

Full Muaythai Rules - 72.5Kg Max - 5x3
John Wayne Parr VS  Bruce "The Preacher" Macfie
Win Split Decision
Full Muaythai Rules - 71.5Kg Max - 5x3
Robbie Filliponi VS  Frank Giorgi
Win U.Decision
Cedric N.T.G
Win Split Decision
VS  Eric Nosa
Danny "DDD" Derdowski
Win U.Decision
VS  "Cool" AS Kim Olsen
Michael "Tomhawk" Thompson
Win TKO R4
VS  Wayne Martin
"Dangerous" Dan Moulder
Win U.Decision
VS  Jamie Stamp
Kevin N.T.G VS  Mark "Sarra" Sarracino
Win U.Decision
Chris Kearney
Win U.Decision
VS  Ben Lane


Evolution 21 Resultats Bruce "The Preacher" Macfie New #1 in Australia.


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