Evolution 21 - Interview - John Wayne Parr don't agree the sentence .

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11 September 2010
The Sleeman Center, Brisbane, Australia .
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John Wayne parr don't agree the sentence .

Before I start, I would like to Thank Bruce for a great fight, he came more aggressive and tried to bring the fight to me which made it good to watch for the crowd.
During the fight though I thought I controlled the ring well with teeps, left body kicks and head and body shots. Bruce let a few jumping knee's go that looked good but came no where near to landing. There was no knock downs and the fight was nice and clean.
After the fight the judges pick up the score cards and give them to the main judge, after about 5 minutes everyone is starting to panic and things are getting passed around to other judges and then passed back. after a very long break they finally call a decision and award the fight to Bruce, Bruce was on a cloud nine and well done to him but when you know you didn't lose a fight it's hard to just cop in on the chin.
After we go down the change room one of the judges comes down to the change room shaking his head "I have no idea whats going on, I had you up 50-46", I am thinking to myself that sounds about right what I thought as well. Another judge comes in the change room, this time saying "mate I thought the fight was close, whoever won the 5th was going to win and I think you got it, so I gave you the fight by 1". The last judge we bumped into up stairs on the way out, he told me it was so close he had no choice but to give it a draw.
Now call me old fashioned, but if two judges give it to red, and one a draw, isn't your answer right there a majority win?? Hopefully when everything settles down Josh and Nugget and find the cards, I dont know who we talk to but we got to over turn this especially if the cards are black and white.
I don't blame Preacher as we are only doing what we do inside the ring while the judges do their job to award a winner. If the winer is red, why did they call blue??
You can jump down my throut for being a sore loser but would just love to get some straight answers. If I got beat fair enough, but I felt I didn't and the score cards said I didn't??

John Wayne Part on 12-09-2010
Evolution 21 - John Wayne parr don't agree the sentence .

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