Detonation 9 - WMC World Title - Saenchai sor Sinbi vs Kurt Finlayson.

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Detonation 9
June 25, 2011

The event center, Caloundra QLD, Australia.

Detonation 9 will be as big as usual if not bigger with two of the best in the world fighting it out to see who is number one.

There will be 15 fight in total with Brotherhood Pride intruding 1 to 2 professional boxing fights onto the card so get in early and secure your tables or seats as come June 25th this will be a action packed night.


FTR - 61kg - 5x3

Kurt Finlayson v Seanchai Sor Sinbi


Billy "The Kid" v Taylor Harvey
Kevin NTG v Ryan Doyle
Ben Tan v Joel Anderson

Also featuring

Hale (Core Strenght Fitness)
Robbo (Core Strenght Fitness)
Adain (Core Strenght Fitness)
Daddy Cool (NTG Brisbane)
Craig Hill Jr (Caloundra City Boxing)
Heather O'Donnell (SCTBC)
Brodie Stalder (SCTBC)
Plus many more

This event will be a sell out so get in early for tickets 54914240 or
Doors open @ 5pm first fight starts 6pm
VIP Tables call Rob 0407112410 or Richard 0414429562


Detonation 9

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