Capital Punishment 4 - An other win for John Wayne Parr !

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Capital Punishment 4
July 30, 2011

National Convention Centre, Camberra, Australia.


After won against King's Cup 2010 Champion Yodsaenklai Fairtex and former K-1 MAX champion Mike Zambidis,

Australian's Muay-Thai Superstar John Wayne Parr Fought on July 30, 2011 against Mostafa Abdollahi (Iran) who replaced Vuiysile Colossa (South Africa).



  "A good fight, start of the second we traded a exchange and I landed first putting Mostafa down, after the 8 count I jumped on him with punches and the referee called the fight off as Mossi looked pretty rocked.
Very happy with the result. "



  JWP won his fight by KO in the second round.

Next fight for JWP will be held on September 03, against Frank Giorgi in Chandler (Australia).



More informations coming soon


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