Alabama Pride - Dmx Remplacé par Coolio !!

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12 December 2009
b.b.j.c. , Birmingham , alabama , u.s.a.
The rapper-turned-actor-turned-inmate known as DMX was scheduled to fight celebrity wannabe Eric Martinez at the upcoming “Alabama Pride” event put forth by Thunder Promotions.

The event, headlined by a “superfight” between Butterbean and the barely upright Tank Abbott, is still threatening to take place at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham, Alabama, on Dec. 12.

It seems as though DMX got cold feet and submitted an addendum to his contract that called for a guaranteed outcome. That outcome would peg him as the winner no matter what transpired during the “fight.”

The “X” camp also insisted that their client is not a professional boxer but an entertainer, and that the event should (secretly) be held in good, clean fun.

Laymen have also been known to refer to that practice as “fixing fights.”

According to, Thunder Promotions balked at the last-minute request, prompting DMX to jump ship and allowing fellow rapper Coolio to step up and take his place.

Coolio it seems, is taking this fight very seriously. Outside of Alabama, he might be the only one.

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